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Meet Dave Sikkema

Dave completed a diploma in architecture at Sheridan College. After getting a taste of masonry while working at his brother's company, Dave felt sure a desk job wasn't for him. 

Dave worked for large builders for over a decade, learning tricks of the trade. In 2009, he struck out on his own. He now enjoys the opportunity to work closely with homeowners as he brings their dreams to life. 

More than just a guy with a trowel, Dave approaches his work with the eye of an artisan. He cannot bear to be idle - he loves to build and has a true maker's enjoyment of the craft. 

Dave enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife and dog. He prefers to spend his time outdoors, except if there's curling to be played or watched. Someday he will figure out how to get the pond ice near his house curl-able...


His trusty companion Whittaker goes everywhere with him and she is likely the most spoiled dog in the county. 

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